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XL 40 Dram Medtainer

 The Medtainer is versatile in its design, being able to traverse numerous consumer needs on the go. Through the product’s ability

Stuart Medtainer

Custom printed Stuart Grinder - part of the Gruesome Gang Medtainer Collection. Collect them all.

Jerry Medtainer

Custom printed Jerry Grinder - part of the Gruesome Gang Medtainer Collection

Kevin Medtainer

Custom printed Kevin Grinder - part of the Gruesome Gang Medtainer Collection

Boveda 2-way humidity control (single)

Boveda 2-Way humidity control to keep things the way they should be!

The Pickle Rick Medtainer

Custom printed Pickle Rick medtianer Grinder - part of the Schwifty Medtainer Collection. Collect them all.

Prescription Safety Top Limited Edition

An awesome orange prescription style case sporting a safety top to keep a firmer grip and prevent it's contents from getting into the wrong hands.

Marble Purple Medtainer

This is a new Marble Limited Edition Medtainer.

Treating Yourself Limited Edition

This awesome "Treating yourself" piece is one of a small limited run.  It's clear with a double print.  One on the top and sides.

40 Dram XL Glow in the Dark

This 'Limited Time Only' Glow in the Dark Medtainer only comes out when things get spooky. Available for the Month of October only!



Our  DARK SIDE OF THE BUD from our LEGENDS COLLECTION only comes in WHITE bottle Blue Lid..Dark_Side_of the bud.

Collection are limited for the Summer of 2017.. Get yours today before they're gone... FREE GIFT FROM BOVEDA